MM Resort, Lgota Murowana
MM Resort, Lgota Murowana
Castle ruins in Mirów

Castle ruins in Mirów

The castle in Mirów was built in the time of Kazimierz the Great, around the middle of the 14th century next to the village ofMirów

Historians speculate that timber and earth buildings already existed on the site. Originally, the fortress was a stone watchtower subordinate to the nearby castle in Bobolice, which together with it formed part of the defence system known today as Orle Gniazda.There is one of the more charming walking routes between the castles of Mirów and Bobolice – beautiful views, rocks and two castles: one at the beginning and one at the end of the route. Halfway through the walk you can admire both :) 

Miroweie Castle is one of the many Eagles’ Nests – like the others, it was formed on a lofty rock. It is the ideal place for a family outing.

  • castle ruins on a rock
  • beautiful rock formations
  • view of the surroundings 
  • great for a family walk 

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